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CBS Services

In order to better serve you, we would like to introduce our Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS) services.  CBS is software you use in your business that will provide you with the functionality required to perform many of your day-to-day financial responsibilities and streamline your bookkeeping tasks.

CBS offers you the ability to automate your check writing and record keeping processes, review your up-to-the-the minute checkbook balance, and generate useful reports for managing your business.  Using CBS, your electronic date can be transferred quickly and easily to us.  The accuracy and the time savings offered through direct integration between your computer and ours will enable you to concentrate on running your business and allow us to concentrate on the financial and tax planning side of your business. 

With CBS, we include installation, training, directly related system updates, and support.  When you use CBS, you have the added comfort of one-on-one support from us, your accounting professional.

Please take some time to review the Power Point Slideshow and Brochure to see if CBS is right for you and your business. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 504-824-2676 or email at to inquire further about our CBS services and the value these services can offer you. 

CBS Client Bookkeeping Brochure
Client Bookkeeping Brochure pdf

CBS Business Bookkeeping Solution
Client Bookkeeping Power Point